The TT (Technological Tribalism) series, is the arithmetic and artistic amalgamation of all things human-made to perpetuate the human experience/experiment ...

As strides in Artificial Intelligence are made , and we take further steps towards realizing the singularity (the moment in time when artificial intelligence and other technologies have become so advanced that humanity undergoes a dramatic and irreversible change) of our creations, the lines between organic matter and mechanical manifestation will be continuously harder to define.

It is in my mind (Virgil Crow) I combine and conjure up my own interpretations of what can and will eventually become reality.


It is my assessment, that not only the physical realm of humanity and our machines will be impossible to differentiate between, but also the conscious aspects of what we define as ourself, or soul, will also be beyond our comprehension to delineate.

It is with this vision that I walk through the threshold of practical and impractical substance, and within a newly defined/refined inner-space, manifest creations that may mystify , mesmerize and even mortify. This is the way of art/science , the way of humankind, and the journey of the Internal Astronaut.

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